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The ADFS provides informations of allergenic proteins and
low-molecular weight (LowMolWt) allergenic compounds.
The list of allergenic proteins has been collected from literature sources
and AllergenOnline (http://www.allergenonline.org/) whose
allergens have been peer-reviewed by international expertsof allergology.
Thereafter, supplemental informations of each allergen, such as
sequence, glycosylation, and structure, were added by referring public databases like UniProt.
In addtion, the list of LMW allergenic compounds was extracted from
general allergen informations provided in AllAllergy (http://www.allallergy.net/allergenfind.cfm),
by careful reviewing by us.

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Database Specification

1) Number of Registered allergen (isoallergen) sequences : 2379

2) Epitope-known allergens : 260

3) Structure-known allergens : 183

4) Sugar-attached allergens : 127

5) Last Updated : Oct. 8. 2021.
Allergenic Proteins
Low Mol Wt Allergens

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